AAMH Profile

We are a registered charity, which came into being in autumn 1987. We are the Local Mental Health Association for South Ayrshire whose main purpose is to press for the best services possible for people with lived experience of poor mental heath.

Ayr Action has a Board of Directors which has a legal responsibility for the running of the organisation. Some people who attend and receive support from the organisation are also members of the Board of Directors. We also have a number of “Members of the Company” whose responsibility is to influence the Board’s decisions through attendance and contribution to the meetings. It is the “Members of the Company”who vote for Board members each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our aims and objectives are

  • Pressing for and/or providing best quality services & facilities for those in the South Ayrshire area with lived experience of poor mental health.
  • Pressing for high quality advocacy services to best ensure the rights for this group of people are upheld.
  • Working in collaboration with other agencies both statutory and voluntary.
  • Improving public awareness of mental health issues

Our philosophy is:

To empower our members/service users through involving them in decision making, planning and building confidence in other users.

We do this through:


  • Extensively with other groups and agencies engaged in Health and Social Care in South Ayrshire and beyond, including:
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Scottish Recovery Network
  • South Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership
  • South Ayrshire Alcohol Drug Partnership
  • Voluntary Action South Ayrshire
  • Various local agencies both voluntary and statutory

Providing Services including:

  • Strathyre Activity Hub/Development and Outreach