Strathyre Activity Centre

There is no formal referral system, and we welcome anyone along provided they meet all of the following criteria:

 1. Anyone with enduring Mental Health Problems or who are   experiencing emotional well being issues.

 2. Are aged between 16 and 65

 3. Reside in South Ayrshire


Strathyre activity center is open 365 days per year.

Strathyre activity center provides conversation, company, reasonably priced lunches, arts, crafts, recreational and social activities, information on a wide variety of activities and organisations. Come along and meet others who understand.

Current Activities  include-


  • C.A.N. cook: – Cheap and Nutritious cooking skills
  • Photography group – Theme Fishing ports and Harbours
  • Guitar group: – There are two separate groups meeting on a Monday and a Friday (beginners and jamming session) at 11am
  • Art group: – The group meets on a Wednesday at 11am.
  • Creative Writing: – The group meets on a Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.
  • Swimming: – The group meet Wednesdays at 12noon.
  • Rambling: – The group usually meet once per month.
  • Gardening: – There is currently scope within the walled gardens of strathyre for garden redevelopment..get in touch if you are up for it!
  • Badminton: – This activity currently meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays using the local games hall.
  • Pool and Snooker group (peer led).
  • Scrabble Group
  • We also have Karaoke’s, Discos, ten pin bowling evenings and open mike nights, we are always willing to try out different activities and have a saying “there is nothing we cannot do we just have to find a way to do it”

There is also a holiday group that plan an annual holiday and camping trip each year, destinations to date- York, Scarborough, Liverpool, Chester, Loch Ken and Llandudno 


There is a high speed Internet cafe, WI-FI available as well as our pool table.

 We also provide laundry and bathing facilities.

Current groups/activities on offer include art and craft, creative writing, guitar tuition and  swimming.