Directors AAMH statement of intent

Friday, February 10th, 2017 / General News

Directors AAMH statement of intent


We as Directors are aware that the way all Health and social Care services in South Ayrshire are commissioned is under review and this will mean that AAMH will have to tender to deliver a service in the future.  Our duty as Directors is to protect AAMH and to make sure it remains sustainable in the future. In that respect the Directors are exploring all opportunities to make sure that AAMH will continue to operate in the future.

In what ways?

  • By increasing what we do to give more people across South Ayrshire the opportunity to become involved with AAMH.
  • Recognising the priority that is being given by South Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership to the delivery of services within the 6 locality areas of South Ayrshire.
  • Contributing to the vision and outcomes of South Ayrshire Health and Social Care outcomes with special regards to Mental Health issues.
  • Understanding there are many sources of funding opportunities available to AAMH and exploring all these funding options.
  • Making sure that staff and members feel involved and included in all aspects of the work being undertaken.
  • Exploring ways in which we use the resources we have such as Strathyre House in a creative way to make sure we can deliver a service for the best value possible.


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